Welcome to the Austin Music eXperience

Who We Are
Launched in 2013 by Austin’s NPR station KUT, KUTX is a full-time music service, broadcasting from the University of Texas. We can be heard at 98.9 FM in Austin, Texas, and streamed worldwide at hdchannels.wpengine.com.
But we’re more than that.
KUTX is a collection of Austin-based, passionate music fans (okay, fine, nerds) who care deeply about our ever-changing city and its historic music scene. We see our role as caretakers of the scene; we pay tribute to the history of Austin music while remaining keenly aware and involved in its evolution. We serve you – our fellow music fan – and we also serve artists, venues, sound engineers, record stores, merch makers, bartenders and anyone else who works in the Austin music “ecosystem”.
We like to think of KUTX as a big tent. We’re into musical discovery, and welcome anyone who is, too. We’re here for all that Austin’s diverse music scene has to offer, regardless of genre. We don’t get hung up on stuff like that, we just love great music and connecting you with it.

What We Do
Our goal is to help you fall in love with Austin music, whether you’ve been here since the days of the Armadillo or you just arrived; whether you live here or not.
We do that, primarily, by playing Austin music – from both legends of our scene and the next wave. And we play those artists alongside music from all over. But that’s just the start.
KUTX is more than a radio station. We’re the global destination for The Austin Music Experience. From our social media channels (be our friend!), to performances in our state-of-the-art Studio 1A, to our family-friendly Rock the Park concert series, we have a way for everyone to stay connected to Austin music. Our award-winning multimedia team produces artist videos that reach millions of viewers, our Pause/Play podcast delves deeply into what makes the Austin Music scene tick, and our all-Austin stream even keeps you company at the airport. You can discover your new favorite artist with our Song of the Day free daily download, make your weekend plans with the Austin Music Minute, and dive into long reads with Words on Music. In addition to our diverse daily music mix, you can go deep with our specialty shows like Horizontes, The Breaks, Soundfounder and many more.
We’re not done, either. As we move forward, look for KUTX to expand to other platforms and offer more ways to connect with the music you love.

Why We Do It
Close your eyes for a minute. Now imagine Austin without a music scene. Sucks, right? We do this because music is a vital part of the Austin economy and central to the culture of our city. A vibrant, robust music scene is good for all Austinites. Austin is known around the globe as a music town, so shouldn’t it have a champion to help send this greatness into the world?

How We Do It
KUTX is a non-profit service, supported entirely by our fans.
People who support KUTX financially are called members, and they’re how we’re able to make the donuts. Member support gives us the freedom to take chances on emerging artists, to focus on Austin, and to play what we want to play.
If you’re a member of KUTX: THANK YOU! We wouldn’t be us without you.
If you’d like to jump under the big tent with us and become a member, you can do that here.
If circumstances don’t allow for you to join us now, no problem – we’re just happy you’re here! Tell your friends about KUTX and let’s keep the party going.

The Nerds at KUTX