Available Streams


AMX is an all-Austin playlist that mixes the best emerging artists with legends and favorites. Listen in your car on KUTX HD2.


A playlist as wide as Texas. The best of new and old Texas tunes. Listen in your car, tune to KUTX 98.9 HD3.


Check out the live FM radio stream from KUTX in Austin. Music discovery curated by humans, not algorithms.

Thanks for tuning into the AMX. Our site streaming player is perpetual or infinite. When you click on the LISTEN button at the top of the site, or one of the play buttons above, the audio player will appear at the base of your browser. You can now listen to our streams and navigate through the website without stopping the music.

If you’d prefer to listen to our player in a new tab, no problem. Click here to open the AMX player in a new tab. It’ll start streaming AMX and give you access to all our streams and on-demand.


Feel free to use any of these streams in your own player, like QuickTime, Windows Media, VLC, etc., or program them into your favorite internet radio or device. All these stream URLs are new as of March 29, 2024.

AMX — All Austin-based music
AAC: https://streams.kut.org/4429_56?aw_0_1st.playerid=amx-free
MP3: https://streams.kut.org/4429_192.mp3?aw_0_1st.playerid=amx-free
HLS: Returning soon!

TMX — All Texas-based music
AAC: https://streams.kut.org/4430_56?aw_0_1st.playerid=tmx-free
MP3: https://streams.kut.org/4430_192.mp3?aw_0_1st.playerid=tmx-free
HLS: Returning soon!

AAC: https://streams.kut.org/4428_56?aw_0_1st.playerid=kutx-free
MP3: https://streams.kut.org/4428_192.mp3?aw_0_1st.playerid=kutx-free
HLS: Returning soon!

The difference between AAC and MP3 streams is the method used to encode them, called the codec. The modern codec is AAC. It’s more efficient and to many people just sounds better even though it doesn’t use the same amount of bandwidth as MP3. The AAC codec is mobile-friendly and works for most devices.

HLS: Some browsers and players, like VLC and QuickTime, will natively play an HLS stream. iTunes will not play it, but you can use this HLS stream URL in some apps as well. Our HLS stream is the highest quality stream we provide.

Thanks for listening to AMX on whichever digital platform you prefer. Feel free to send along your suggestions or questions as well.